Turn on Your Ski Tracker Pro and Enjoy Skiing!

Ski Tracker PRO App is the best Ski and Snowboarding App designed to help you to track and analyze your skiing or snowboarding activities using your smartphone.

Have you ever lost a friend on the slopes and you couldn’t find him with hours?

No worries we resolved that problem.

Ski Tracker Pro keeps you connected with all of your friends on the slopes.

It locates and communicates with your friends wherever they are, so you won’t be ever worried that you may lose your friends while skiing on the slopes. Our app takes advantage of GPS and detailed trail maps to quickly show you where everyone is in real time, including details such as slope difficulty and percentage down the trail.

Cool right? 🙂

Using the GPS signal, Ski Tracker PRO App captures your movements and analyzes them offline using the power of your phone. So, our main aim when developing this app was to develop an app that will transform your phone into a beautiful Ski & Snowboard GPS Tracker in the easiest way possible.

What can you expect from Ski Tracker Pro ?

Improving your skiing or snowboarding performance with personalized metrics

Ski Tracker PRO supports both standard and metric units for distance and vert drop

You can choose from 10 plus different metrics: Ascend, Descend, Max Speed..

Sharing your achievements and challenges with your friends on social network. Show them your results 🙂

Feeling safe with our Live Tracking Feature. You are connected with your friends and all you have to do is to enjoy your skiing/snowboarding performance.

What Makes Ski Tracker Pro different than other apps?

Ski Tracker Pro allows you to stay focused on the important things:

A beautiful, yet powerful design: Ski Tracker Pro has a minimal interface that is designed to keep you focused on your performance. It doesn’t have distracting colors nor things which are not important while you ski/snowboard.

Personalize your metrics: We talked to hundreds of skiers / snowboarders what they need for better experience. We discovered that as skiers / snowboarders improve, they also like to focus on different metrics. Now, with a new customizable dashboard you can follow those metrics that are most important to you.

And guess what?  We appreciate any of your thoughts or ideas for adding new features and fixing bugs. At the end of the day we developed the app for creating better experience for you so your opinions and thoughts about it are the most important for us.

Stay Safe with Live Tracking: Ride more with Live Tracking knowing that your friends know about your whereabouts.

Learn how to improve: Now you can analyze your performance in detail with speed and elevation graphs from every stage of your ride. You can always come back and improve your next performance.

Support for your devices: Ski Tracker Pro works with almost all Bluetooth activity tracker and HR monitors. We plan to add connection with other devices too. Currently working on it.

Awesome maps for GPS navigation: Find your friends and fellow cyclists on a map in real-time and join them for ski or snowboarding ride

Make your ski moments unforgettable: Share your rides with beautifully designed overlays. Express your passion for skiing/snowboarding with awesome stickers, and make your skiing photographs more beautiful for sharing on Instagram and Facebook.

The app contains a chat messenger. You can use this messenger for contacting us directly. We will be very happy if you use it for expressing your opinion, reporting bugs and anything that you think we can help with 🙂

We also need people interested to test our app se we can spot any issues earlier, so anyone interested to help is welcomed to message us on Facebook or Instagram. We always need new people and new opinions. If this sounds cool for you go ahead and download the app and don’t forget to let us know your experiences with it.

The App Store Version is available here: https://apple.co/2GrBhm1

The Play Store Version is available here: http://bit.ly/2CmTsER

Have fun and be safe out there!