Ajman Basic Information, Ajman Food, Wine & Nightlife

Put on your dancing shoe and let your hair down !

Enjoy the best nightlife in Ajman in the best night clubs serving for you. Located only 30 minutes away from the Dubai International Airport and 20 minutes from the Sharjah International Airport. Ajman is a beautiful place with sandy beaches and water sports. Ajman is a busy city with rich cultural heritage providing outstanding hospitality with perfect weather and eclectic mix of activities, situated  between the emirates of Umm Al Quwain and Sharjah, in UAE It is the perfect getaway weekend. It has so much to offer during daytime for instance water sports activities (that can be booked),

a private beach (where you can relax with some refreshing cocktails on shaded sun lounger beds) and boasts outdoor pools. Ajman beaches even have fully equipped fitness centre and squash court. With so many things to do during day don’t think any less about the night life of Ajman.

Ajman Food, Wine & Nightlife

The night life in Ajman is as fun as day if not more. Ajman offers a variety of venues with lots of activities to do during night, from active bowling night fun to a chilled dip-your-toes-in-the-sand experience. Alcohol is allowed in Ajman and it’s easily available in hotels and restaurants. You can choose from the plenty of nightlife drink places like pubs, bars night & dance clubs.

The coastline all around Ajman is rimmed by lavish inns, each with their private fix of unblemished white sand. Noted for a portion of the prettiest shorelines in the United Arab Emirates, this is the place to come in case you’re searching for genuine relaxed time. Non-visitors can normally utilize the shoreline and exploit the inn offices by paying a day-pass charge. If you want a day of lazy sun lounging or deep conversation at night, Ajman’s beaches really can’t be beaten.

If you’re not a party junkie and want a peaceful night, Ajman beaches are the best destination for you. You can sit in the beach with your loved ones under the sky and enjoy watching over the stars sipping your favourite drink.

Nightlife in Ajman

You can walk along the Ajman marina, a corniche alongside the sea. You can walk, jog, or cycle in the beautiful weather and exquisite view and grab a bite in the café or lounges.

And while the city has so much to offer to each one of you, it also lets you party at your own house till the morning if you prefer staying indoors. Right from the alcohol to the delicious food, you can get anything delivered at your doorstep, and make the most of the nightlife in Ajman. Next time you’re in Ajman don’t forget to spend a night here!