10 Proven Tips To Become A Successful Mobile App Developer

Mobile applications are growing in huge number day by day and the demand for them is still inequitable. The market is crowded with numerous applications and survival among them has become a tough task. Apart from the generous applications now the trend has moved towards the custom mobile app development services. The applications that provide the personalized services to the users are succeeding when compared to general ones. So, what are the things that a mobile app developer need to work on to become successful? Here we go.

  1. Start with the Android framework

Before you begin, you must be aware of the entire process involved in the app development. Hence, strive to know the complete details in depth about the Android framework. You don’t need much experience or knowledge on Android to understand the entire work. A little idea would do much.

Try to know how the code is being written, how stuff is encompassed into one and how the things work together. Arise more questions and get the doubts clarified, read more resources and related articles. Get a clear picture of the way things are done and how you are going to contribute.

  1. Add JavaScript to your list

You will have knowledge of languages like C, C++, and Java. Along with that also add up JavaScript. The three languages are more than enough to build any kind of solutions but still, you must not limit yourself. To grow more you must know more. Be open-minded and learn new languages. Expose yourself to different circumstances and work on them with a new language. JavaScript is one of the most used languages in the application development. You can create wonders with it since it is the most accepted language for front-end development. Combination of the JavaScript along with HTML5 and CSS can be utilized to build exciting applications.

  1. Keep up with new technologies

There are plenty of new technologies arising every month. Certainly, many technologies are creating a greater impact in the app world. Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and virtual reality are such technologies that left a greater impact in the app development. Artificial Intelligence also knew as the machine learning gave a bigger and strike. It allows the software to understand its user which paved the way to the personalized application. Similarly, VR/AR was most enjoyed by the users. To build a successful app, you must always be in touch with the latest trends in technology.

  1. Keep researching and learning

Day by day you can find the release of new applications all over the world. Keep a track of such applications and analyze their life cycle. Find what is new in those applications and explore their code. Suppose, if an app fails to make the reach among the users find the point where it lost its success. Research and analyze will not only keep you awake but it automatically provides you with the skills necessary to make your app a successful one.

  1. Run two Android studios

It sounds a bit weird but it actually works. Use two Android studios, one for working on your current project and other to find the apps that meet success. To expose their codes and try things that is new to the market. You can also consider deploying them if it worked out well.

This could be a bonus to the app development. Similarly, also try to use two different devices; one for building and the other for testing. Never make any kind of compromise over the device that you use.

  1. Find what’s new in UI/UX design

Do you know? The trend in UI/UX design changes every month. Giving a monotonous appearance for the application will create boredom in the minds of the user. This will lead to the withdrawal from using the application. This is the main factor that lies behind the periodic update of the app. You must always produce something fresh and fascinating for the users to keep them engaged with the app.

  1. Keep your third-party libraries updated

You will need the third party libraries on a regular basis hence you must always keep them updated. Also, it is important that you clean up the unused third parties and keep your workspace tidy.

  1. Work on Test-driven development

Developing an efficient code that does not break while testing is always a tough task; hence work on a testing environment. Every time you create a code try to test it which will give confidence over the thing that you develop. If it fails at some point work again and optimizes the code.

  1. Be open to change

One of the best things in the application development is that you can contact your users directly and get feedback on the product. You must always be open to criticisms because they are the ones that will take you to the next step. Whenever you get a report from the user tries to work on it immediately if possible.

Rectifying the errors on a faster phase will create a good image amongst the users. This also proves how responsive you are and how much you care about the application and its users.

  1. Connect with other developers

Always stay in contact with other application developers. You will always be able to learn something new from them. Exploring a different perspective and opportunity will always be possible if you are in contact with other developers working with the same motive.